Sunday, 1 October 2017


It seemed like just yesterday when I was sunbathing in Costa Brava overlooking the most beautiful waters whilst munching on some Prawn Cocktail crisps and sipping my green ice tea. However it's back to reality for me meaning another 4 months of dreaded uni before I head back to London to work again. I'm determined to be super organised and actually have some savings in my bank account this year but we'll just have to wait and see in a couple months time to see if I have succeeded... 

It was my first time visiting Barcelona and we had a jam packed itinerary during our short stay there. We were conveniently placed in Catalunya meaning that most things were within walking distance but we were also right next to the metro station which was always helpful when we were feeling super lazy. Here's a couple of things that we managed to do during our time here...

1. La Boqueria Market
This market was bursting with colour from the fruit salad pots and smoothies all lined up along the stalls and market owners giving out free samples trying to lure you in to buy some fresh goods. I most definitely was dragged into it all and got a couple of nibbles here and there. 

2. Sagrada Familia
Of course we couldn't come to Barcelona without seeing some of Gaudi's amazing works including the Sagrada Familia. We paid a bit more money to go to the top to see the views but I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't worth it. Not only was the roof terrace TINY meaning only 5 people could get the chance to get a decent view of Barcelona but it was all caged up so it was a struggle to get nice pictures of the views... All in all, we were quite underwhelmed with the whole experience and even though the interior is stunning, I reckon I won't be returning there for quite some time... 

3. Kayaking and Snorkelling in Costa Brava
I was looking forward to this activity the most as I was desperate for some sun, sea and sunbathing on the beach. We booked our kayaking trip through Excursions Barcelona who organised everything for us including travel from Barcelona to Costa Brava and lunch after kayaking. We were surrounded by sunshine which made the day a whole lot more enjoyable and even though I got burnt by the end of the day, I'd 100% do it again having jumped off rocks (very proud achievement of mine as I'm scared of heights) and even got to hold a sea urchin! I was aching the next day but it felt good to work off all those calories from all the food we had eaten before. 

4. 360 Terrace
We treated ourselves after a long day of kayaking by going to a lovely bar at the top of Barcelo Raval to get a 360 view of Barcelona. The good thing was that you didn't actually need to buy any drinks in order to go up to the top but when you're with your bestie who loves cocktails just as much as you, mojitos and pina coladas seemed like a very good idea...which it totally was... We spent a couple hours there sipping on far too many cocktails, having a laugh and last of all watching the sun set over the mountains which was incredible- what a lovely way to end the trip. 

5. Barcelona Pavilion
As an architecture student, I have always wanted to see one of Mie's greatest works and absolutely fell in love when I stepped into the pavilion- minimal palette and floor to ceiling openings was right up my street and the gorgeous marble walls made a great back drop for some of our insta pics.   

I haven't included all the places we went to but I hope you've enjoyed this mini guide to Barcelona!

Layout by Elizabeth

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Sundays are my 'hibernate at home days' as the dreaded Monday creeps around the corner which only means another long boring week at work. However, it's my last week working here before I head to Barcelona to enjoy the last remaining rays of sunshine that I will experience seeing as summer ended long ago in London... I was dragged out of the house by my sisters to buy some cupcakes from Peggy Porschen followed by a hearty home cooked katsu curry made by my sister which I couldn't really say no to. Peggy Porchen is a wonderful little cafe near Victoria Station with the most beautiful interior/exterior and cupcakes. Despite their jaw dropping prices (let's just say 4 cupcakes is the equivalent to my weekly uni grocery shop) I still recommend having a visit, even if it's just for an insta pic! New layout and graphics c/o my sister (oh the perks of having siblings)! 

Photography and layout: Elizabeth

Thursday, 24 August 2017


Spent the weekend roaming around the streets of Richmond with my sister, a place that I could always return to and not get bored. There are so many reasons why I love Richmond, one reason being it brings back all those memories from high school where we used to treat ourselves and sit in Starbucks for hours or try on 10 outfits in Topshop just for a new profile picture. It's a lovely area just outside of London which is great because it never feels too busy or overcrowded and offers some spectacular views. Our initial plan was to go to Petersham Nurseries and Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park but our lazy butts told us Isabella Plantation was not gonna happen... So we spent the day having a picnic by the river and walking through the fields to Petersham Nurseries. It was a bit busier than usual despite going there on a Sunday so we didn't go to the cafe like last time, however we did manage to take lots of photos which you can see below! 

Hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday weekend, I will be spending mine attending a body pump class, eating more than I can handle and maybe having a cheeky nap in between.  

Sunday, 20 August 2017


Quick post before I head to the gym to work out a sweat! We celebrated my mama's birthday in Eze on our penultimate day in France and I was so excited to go to the cactus garden that I went to a couple years ago. We took the train to Eze from the Nice train station but had to take a bus up to the village which came roughly every half hour, so I definitely recommend getting a bus straight from Nice to save all the hassle of changing and waiting for transport. We wandered the cobbled alleyways, constantly going back to the arch that was our only source of shade and eventually made it to the gardens which has the most breathtaking views of never ending waters and tiny ships sailing along the coast. One can only imagine the sunsets people get here *insert heart emoji face* but maybe that will be on my bucket list next time I visit.