Monday, 15 January 2018


This week has been exhausting but what can you do when you're living the architecture life?! I can finally rest as we had our reviews earlier on today and boy I'm relieved that's all over! Just one more hand in and I'm free to chill and hopefully explore Bath and make cool vegan recipes like I've been meaning to do... Been living off tomato, spinach and mushroom based dishes (surprise surprise) but when you want to make something quick and easy, they always got my back. 

Took these photos before I left for Bath and I'm seriously loving all this hat business that's been going on recently. I've invested in a few hats this christmas, like seriously, who am I? Also feeling slightly like the Matrix in this mac, I mean I know it's not a cool black leather one but it still gives me those vibes especially when I can feel it brush against my legs when I walk. 

Sorry if this post is a bit of a mess; I'm in dire need of a good night's sleep as I've been really struggling to sleep at an acceptable time this week! On another note, I've nearly whizzed through Friends on Netflix and am in search of something new to watch, recommendations please! 

Have a lovely week!

Edits: Elizabeth

Monday, 8 January 2018


It's a new year but the same old me. Spent the last of 2017 wining and dining at the Ivy before heading to Skylight to supposedly see some amazing fireworks. Started the year freezing my toes off, seeing max 2 fireworks but it was all worth while because when I have the company of my bestie plus a few cheeky cocktails, I'm always down for a good time. AND I survived the night in heels, success! 

Took my mama up to the Sky Garden to see some London views as she had never been there before and booking tickets is usually a nightmare. As a plant enthusiast and pro reviver of any kind of flower or plant, she defo had a good time and was in her element. She seemed very impressed by the orange flowers that resembled a bird(?) (see pic below) and instantly got me to take a picture of it. Came specially equipped with my trusty baker boy hat because the winds were strong enough to blow me away so obviously I needed to keep my hair in tact. Went for a girly look but making it more casual with the addition of my converse. 

I'm finally back at uni but with only a month left before third year ends, I'm determined to make the most of it. That includes going to the gym as much as possible; restarted my gym sessions yesterday after a Christmas break and boy what a terrible idea that was. My body feels like a bruised peach and probably will last for the next few days until it gets used to all those gym sessions. On another note, made a few banging vegan recipes including my amazing guac on toast and tomato sauce veg rice concoction thing which I've been snapchatting here and there, follow me at maryasdlkj to see!

Have a lovely week!

Sunday, 31 December 2017


Currently: expecting triplet food babies with the amount I have demolished this week but as always #noragrets. This week has been amazing; spent some quality time with the family, received so many lovely presents, binge watched Black Mirror and have also done a bit of cheeky boxing day shopping. Desperately need to hit the library ASAP to do some work because that has not happened just yet... 

2018 is just a hair's breadth away and boy I'm excited for a fresh start. 2017 has honestly been a hell of a rollercoaster journey with so many amazing memories but far too many meltdowns and low moments that came with it.  It has been the first year that I've really struggled in terms of my mental health but I'm staying positive and looking to achieve all the goals I have set myself this year because there's a small part inside of me that is telling me this year is going to be amazing. 

For the first time I have invested in a diary from Oliver Bonas (see below) to write all my plans, goals and to-do lists because I'm pretty disorganised and I just want to feel good about having my shiz together for once. I couldn't say no because it was just SO pretty and wanted to copy my sister who also bought it. I've set myself a couple targets for 2018 along with the usual save money/be patient/blog more/travel more etc etc:

- Try Veganuary
Being vegetarian at uni was do able (with the one off double cheeseburger from Maccies and the house christmas meal) but I want to challenge myself to do Veganuary this month. It will be hard and  I will definitely miss making my perfected poached eggs for breakfast but I know one month will fly by.  I hope to create new recipes using the Veganuary guide and fingers crossed there will be more vegetables in my meals rather than just spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms.

- Invest in better quality items
Most people know I have a TERRIBLE spending habit when it comes to clothes (especially when they are on sale). Give me half an hour and I can fill up my basket with at least 20 items and will end up buying at least something from it just because it's cheap and actually never end up wearing it. I'm going to buy less but buy better quality items which may be more expensive but will know I will wear/last forever. I also have a really bad habit of getting items that are way too big for me (currently wearing some pjs that are so big that the bottoms fall down whenever I try to walk yep I have a problem lol) so more fitted items this year!

-More Art!
As an architecture student you'd think I would spend 50% of my life drawing but honestly the closest thing to drawing I have done these past few months is sketching little diagrams for my projects which is nothing like the good old Art A Level days. Once I'm on placement in February and earning the dolla, I really want to buy a nice set of paintbrushes and oil paints and do a big painting of some kind because I miss all that paint brush action and want to relive those Year 13 days. 

-More film!
As the years go by I have noticed that I have used my cameras far less than what I used to. I absolutely love to use film cameras as I love the feeling of not knowing how a picture is going to turn out (currently have a couple of used rolls which have been left for over a year so it's going to be so exciting when I develop them soon). Obviously it's quite pricey when using film but it's worth every penny when it all turns out well. Hopefully I can experiment more with film this year and improve my skills. 

Below are just a few of the many snippets from this year (yes there's a cat because I'm obsessed and it was too cute not to feature). Hope you all have an incredible NYE!

2018 I'm ready. 

Perfume: Jo Malone | Earrings: Accessorize | Glasses: ASOS | Diary: Oliver Bonas | Card Holder: Oliver Bonas | Camera: Diana F 

Sunday, 24 December 2017


So I'm finally back for the Christmas holidays and have spent this past week chilling, working hard(ly) and eating; any students favourite thing to do once they have just come back from uni. It's so nice to not worry about doing the hoovering or washing up because I ain't about dat life ya kno. With Christmas just around the corner, all presents bought and wrapped, I'm definitely looking forward to a relaxed day and most importantly wearing some loose bottoms so that I can fill my tummy with all that good stuff that is the roast dinner, including a million Yorkshire puds cos they are life! 

Took my mama out the other day for a spin to the Saatchi Gallery although I wasn't too pleased with the stuff they had exhibited. Got the chance to get some outfit photos because when you're in Chelsea that's a mandatory thing to do. Despite my mum taking twice as long to take some photos because she just didn't understand the types of shots I wanted, she did manage to take a few cheeky snaps which I'm over the moon with since half the time I look like a gremlin in 90% of them. 

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas! 

Graphics by  Elizabeth