Monday, 20 October 2014


Here's the last post of my travels to Taiwan before I mash up all the other pictures into a post. I hope you've been enjoying this series, hopefully it has given you a little bit of inspiration of where to go if you ever visit. I've honestly had the best time putting all the pictures together!
One thing that I had always wanted to do was go to the top of the 101 at night and luckily enough we did it, despite thinking I'd never get to step foot on the 90th floor. I definitely felt like a child in a candy store when I saw the queue, I couldn't contain my excitement. 30 minutes in the queue was definitely worth the wait I can tell you that for sure. The lift up to the top ended in seconds, literally seconds, and before we knew it we were gazing out to a city of lights which was mesmerising. I'm not gonna lie, I got told off several times for sitting down on the window ledge, but when you count the number of times I got told for taking pictures in shops, this seemed like nothing. There's something so peaceful about being high up in the air watching all the buildings and cars go by. Maybe because it was night time that it felt so satisfying- the dim lighting, the sound of each camera click and the murmur of everyone's voices. I definitely would have stayed there for the rest of the night as I was bursting full of energy (it gave me so much adrenaline ya know) but it was time to rest my legs and eyes which had definitely used up a lot of energy during the day. My next aim: go up to watch the sun set.


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  3. You travel so much ♥ I am so happy you take great pictures along the way.
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  4. beautiful photos :)

  5. Oh such nostalgia these pictures! I miss Taipei
    and I really want to go back :P the shakey pictures
    are pretty nice! Xx

  6. Nice pics:) xx
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