Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Wahey a post from me finally! I've been super busy lately (basically living in the art rooms now) so I haven't been able to go out and snap away, however I seem to have collected a bunch of photos from this month which will be uploaded in a photo diary next week! Since my last post I have turned 18, went to The Shard for dinner (which was incredible), had far too many naps after school, eaten too many Krispy Kremes, bought myself some Christmas pyjamas with polar bears (yay), watched the fireworks and the list goes on. Everything seems a blur to me now, how quickly have these few months gone?! It only means one thing is around the corner... Christmas! I'm genuinely so excited to put up the decorations and buy people pressies ahh the thought of it is making me super excited!! Not so looking forward to my debit card balance after all the crazy sale shopping I do... let's see how that goes.
Anyhow onto this outfit which I am loving at the moment! I've been living in these Jamie jeans since I bought them, they are honestly so so comfy and I highly recommend them, such a great investment if I say so myself! The sun is slowly disappearing and the rain is becoming more of an occurrence so this mac is perfect to whip out during this time of the year. 

Hope you're having a great week, it's nearly Friday thank goodness! I'm definitely in need of a fruit smoothie and a lie in.


Sunglasses: ASOS // Jumper: Topshop // Jeans: Topshop // Shoes: Converse // Coat: M&S // Bag: Longchamp


  1. Awesome outfit, love the shades. Great post.


  2. Nice look:) xx

  3. I miss your posts ♥ Looking great as usual.
    mortem blonde

  4. Love this <3 your photos are beautiful, what camera and lens do you use? x

  5. These shots are gorgeous!!! What camera/lens do you use sugar? xoxox

  6. Thanks gals! I use nikon d3100 with a 35mm lens :D xx

  7. Love your trench! xx