Monday, 15 December 2014


It's no new news that I love discovering new places to go to and a few weeks ago my sister and I embarked on a trip to Clifton Nursuries. It's an outdoor furniture and garden shop with all sorts of different plants with a beautiful airy cafe to sit and relax in. I definitely recommend coming here if you're around warwick avenue, it's literally a minute walk from the station. Be warned for the plant porn coming right up!
On another note, I've nearly broken up for christmas woohoo and I genuinely can't believe it's just around the corner. I haven't even started christmas shopping yet so I better get cracking on with that, but I did manage to find a christmas jumper to wear on the day. Also I'm proud to say that I hadn't actually bought any clothing items or spent any money for around 2-3 months so I'm pretty proud of myself and I splurged a bit on some Yankee candles the other day to treat myself. 
Hope you all have a super awesome christmas holiday!



  1. Hey dear, after three days of hard working, i see those images, which make me very happy. thanks

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  2. wow! these are stunning, your photography is so beautiful mary! i love greenhouses/nurseries, especially in the winter

    Little Blue Backpack

  3. Wow, this place looks absolutely amazing! Such a great idea to have a cafe inside the nursery, too :)

  4. Very cool pics!

  5. Ah this is so cute!

  6. ahhh such a beautiful post!

  7. lol looks like liz has sprayed on da dry shampoo in the first pic :P
    also i don't like how you have to scroll to the top of the post to make a comment :(

  8. I love garden shops. I could spend hours on there. Hahahah #plantporn Gonna be using that from now on.
    Beautiful pics.