Saturday, 27 December 2014


Now that Christmas is over *sobs* it's time to start getting my books out for my mock exams which have been gathering dust for the past week or so. Christmas was lovely as always, we all got to wear our christmas jumpers, open presents, take what seemed like a million selfies, ate christmas dinner and watched some films- it couldn't have been better. I also ate far too many krispy kremes yet again but I'm going to make the most of it as I'm going to attempt to eat a little healthier and cut out all the bad stuff that goes into my body when the New Year comes around (let's see how long that lasts...)

Covent Gardens is a place that I love to go to every now and again. It's a great place to eat, shop, watch street performances and all that jazz, but ultimately I love to go there for some Christmas vibes and also smell the most amazing aromas that fill the air from all the restaurants. I treated my sister and I to some delicious macaroons from Laduree which obviously did not disappoint (why are they are so damn expensive?!) We also stopped off by a Japanese cafe in Leicester Square near the food union stall which we actually came across by chance. The minimal interior and cute lightbulbs is what really caught my eye and to top it all off, we had the most amazing matcha green tea I've ever had which was perfect for the chilly afternoon.

Also you've probably noticed another change the to the blog which I hope you all like. There's a few more little tweaks I need to change but I'm definitely going to be sticking with this one for a while and it's a nice way to end/start the year to a fresh layout. Hope you've all been having a great holiday so far! So ready for 2015! 


  1. Beautiful pictures!Merry Holidays!

  2. Wonderful pics :)

  3. Super:)) xx

  4. love the pictures ♥ I hope you had a wonderful christmas.

    mortem blonde

  5. Oh, these pictures are gorgeous! I can definitely feel the Christmas vibes radiating from them :)


  6. Wonderful photos, Mary! I love those quaint cafe lightbulbs and the warmth and light from your pictures truly captures the essence of the holidays. I hope you and your sister had a good time!

    - Lizz
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