Friday, 9 January 2015


Now that mocks are done and dusted I can now concentrate on blogging a lil bit more and hopefully blog once a fortnight or once a week if i'm feeling organised. Over the christmas period my sissy surprised me and took me to a cat cafe Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in Shoreditch which was definitely a huge surprise since I had absolutely no idea where we were going. My sisters are always great at keeping secrets from me.. I assumed it was some fancy restaurant since it was  dinner time and I was surrounded by restaurants and random shops. I definitely felt spoilt being a cat lady n all and I was even treated to the most amazing mocha and chocolate fudge brownie I've had in my whole life. Sadly half of the kitties were half asleep (definitely did not get told off for stroking the cat when it was asleep...) but there was the occasional cat that would run around the room and hide behind the sofas. Definitely recommend coming here during the day time if you decide to pop along, the people there are extremely friendly and you get to take countless number of pictures which is always great for us bloggers.


  1. Very cosy and yummy pictures!

  2. oh my god, this place looks like it's made for me ahaha ! i'm such a cat lover ! great pictures x

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  3. Oh lordddd this place is divine c:
    But again, cats are my friends!
    So are good food.. Xx

  4. looool dat sick pic of me may, wearing sick clothes.
    finally updated thought there'd be more pics of cats tho lol.
    glad u liked may xxx

  5. that is such a cute idea, how have i never thought of a café filled with cats?!