Monday, 23 February 2015


London fashion week is coming close to end and I've been pretty impressed with most of the collections that I've had my eye on- 1205, Belstaff and Topshop Unique to name a few. There has been lots of beautiful pastel colours/ dark earthy greens and browns, big oversized knits, neatly structured cuts and finally lots of furry goodness all of which I love! Here are my favourite collections from Day 1/2 and I'm head over heels about the Emilia Wickstead collection- the elegant cuts, the beautiful pastel colours, the minimal makeup, the presentation of it all ah I'm obsessed!  I've been slightly M.I.A on the blog lately (as I have been for the past few months) lying in bed watching Breaking Bad and eating far too much food but I'm slowly getting my act together with everything and weekly blogging will be happening. I've planned a few different styled posts coming up like my photo diaries and music recommendations so stay tuned!
Have a nice week! 


  1. every 3 posts u say you will update more regularly lol

    1. loool it's happening! have them all saved in my drafts

  2. Beautiful inspiration!

  3. Woah I have missed your blog! Such a well put-together post Mary, love the collage cut-out shapes and it just looks all round cool. Also obsessed with the Emilia Wickstead show but surprised you didn't include that amazing red number ! X

  4. That EMILIA W. collection is beautiful X

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