Monday, 16 March 2015


Easter holidays are just around the corner. I'm feeling mixed emotions- school is coming to an end which is extremely exciting yet daunting and exams are creeping in far too quickly. I plan on hibernating in the library and start exercising once Easter comes around (hopefully it'll all go to plan), but there'll definitely be days where I'll be wrapping myself in a blanket buritto eating chocolate and crisps. 
After seeing the Cos SS15 lookbook, it's been getting me excited for the warmer weather to come. Sadly it has been unusually cold as of late and I've had to layer up in my poncho scarf and all that knitted goodness. Cos is a shop that I could probably spend hours on end in, if only £££ wasn't an obstacle... I absolutely love the whole minimal look all the clothes have, it has a really refreshing vibe to it and all the pieces stand out on their own. I feel like I should really invest in more expensive, good quality clothes rather than buying cheap clothes that I rarely wear, but how can I not be tempted when they're all starring at me from the sale racket?!

Sorry for the bitty posts lately, I'm trying to get something up every week to make this blog more active! Hopefully there'll be an outing or outfit post up next!


  1. lol exercise in the easter

  2. these are so nice, mary (I never know if I should call you mary or mary lee bc it sounds cool)! I didn't know the brand so I'm going to have to do some research!
    mortem blonde