Monday, 2 March 2015


Monday has crept up on us again and I can just about feel the stress emerging, that is exams and generally all stressful things in life. I like to calm myself by listening to music- I pretty much listen to music 75% of the time I am awake, whether that be in the shower (lol), on the bus (always a must), doing my homework or even when I go to bed. I thought it'd be nice to make a monthly playlist to see what kind of tunes I'm listening to at the moment, both new and old, and who knows you might just be adding a song you like onto your playlist!  Below are links to the songs, tell me your music recommendations and I'll give them a listen!



  1. ah love this playlist and the design!! you have such good taste!

  2. Going to check out these songs now! Very excited as we seem to have the same music taste :)

    Ashleigh | Being Ashleigh

  3. Love it. X

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