Monday, 9 March 2015


It seems like forever since I last did a photo diary post. I'm so glad phones and social media exist- being able to whip out my phone, snap a photo and upload it to Instagram in less than a second is definitely more appealing than carrying a heavy-ass camera that hangs heavily around my neck. Instagram is my best friend too at the moment, (@maryasdlkjh is where I'm at) I post on it quite a lot so do make sure to check it out if you're ever feeling bored/procrastinating.

The weather has been spectacular these past few days. Spring is definitely just around the corner and although I'm going to miss wrapping up in turtleneck jumpers and oversized coats, I can't wait to layer down and bring out my summer wardrobe. Saying that though, it's currently very dull, dreary and colder than usual, but that's the English weather for you I guess. 


  1. Lovely pictures!

  2. Love this Mary! Your adventures look like a ton of fun. X

  3. these are all so beautiful! I've been neglecting my insta lately now I'm back to a shitty iPhone 4 hahah x