Monday, 23 March 2015


If you haven't already noticed I enjoy eating... a lot, and when going to new restaurants/cafes come into the equation you get one very happy gal. My friends and I decided to stop off at The Breakfast Club seeing as it was located close to the Tate Modern and I just couldn't say no hearing all the great reviews about the food. We probably chose the wrong time to go as the queue was pretty long but we managed to get inside in one piece with our empty stomachs growling after about an hour of waiting in the cold. I ordered the All American- pancakes with maple syrup, sausages, eggs, bacon, potatoes and a pitcher of blueberry, apple and strawberry smoothie to share between the three of us. I definitely think we all managed to demolish our plate within the space of 10 minutes and by the end my stomach was extremely satisfied, it was more than enough to keep me full for the rest of the day! I definitely recommend coming here if you ever have pancake cravings, you won't be disappointed! (go after 2:30 to avoid the hassle of queuing up!)

I hope you liked this post, I want to do more restaurant/cafe posts to help some of you get inspiration of where to eat if you're ever in London / feeling hungry (or maybe it's just an excuse for me to eat out more...)


  1. Looks so good <3 been meaning to check this place out for ages x

    Lexi Likes

  2. I haven't yet been here because of the queue problem! I hear there's a new one opening up in Canary Wharf soon though :)

    Ashleigh x

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