Friday, 27 March 2015


Spring has finally come around and it's safe to say the weather is slowly but surely starting to get better and better. Spring and Autumn are definitely my favourite seasons- it's not too cold or hot and you can easily layer up/down without looking like 1. a snowman or 2. a melted ice cream. I've finally broken up for the Easter holidays (woohoo) and it's starting to hit me that I only have a month left of sixth form which I'm super excited about, but maybe not so much the exams part. Easter will be jam packed full of goodness with that being revision, work and coming into school to finish all my art coursework yay. 

Throughout my entire high school career, I had only ever worn some form of trousers/jeans five times maximum to school. There was something I really didn't like about the way they fit my body shape or the thought of having to keep pulling my trousers up and I was extremely self conscious of my short stubby legs being displayed to the public. However, sixth form has opened my eyes to a whole new world of jeans/trousers and I pretty much live in them nowadays, ditching the skirts and dresses. These jeans from ASOS are fab- rips at the knees, nicely fitted, what more could you ask for? Paired with my trusty shoes, baggy jumper and trench coat, you're good to go! I definitely recommend the black Jamie or Joni jeans from Topshop- they're pricey but so worth it!

Sunglasses: ASOS// Trench Coat: M&S// Jumper: Monki// Jeans: ASOS// Shoes: Pull and Bear// Bag: Kanken// Scarf: Primark


  1. Perfect:)) xx

  2. Very cool scarf and coat combo!

  3. I love the gold details and your watch! You look amazing in trousers, girl!

    Colour Me In Blog

  4. ahh I love this gal! that coat is so gorgeous x

  5. Love this coat!

  6. This is an amazing outfit girl! Love your shoes! ♥

    Isa M., Tic Tac Living

  7. Ah I'm the opposite! I used to wear trousers only because skirts and dresses seemed like such a hassle but now I find skirts more comfortable!

  8. I love your outfit girl and that backpack is obviously a must have! <3