Sunday, 16 August 2015


This week I got to see the view of London up in the clouds from the Sky Gardens. Being my old self, I managed to to go there a week before the booking date, which unfortunately ended up with one very embarrassed girl and a lot of unecessary stress. Second time round was much more successful and we managed to get there in one piece. The view from the top was incredible and being able to see a 360 view of London was pretty special. I hope to go back to see the sun set because who wants to see the London skyline when it's covered with grey skies? Inside is a garden filled with lots of plants and trees that tower over you whilst you explore the place and also a cafe/bar to chill and admire the view. The Sky Gardens is free (oh yes!) but make sure you book in advance because it gets filled up pretty quickly!

20 Fenchurch Street EC3M 3BY

Photos by me and Elizabeth


  1. wow this is beautiful! I want to visit here next time I'm in london now!

  2. Looks incredible! Makes me think of the high line in NYC!

  3. Visiting here is something I need to tick off my bucket list!

  4. this is so beautiful ahhh! such lovely pictures. what a view