Saturday, 1 August 2015


Sorry for the delay in posts, I've been working nearly everyday this week so I definitely have not had time to go out and take pictures. Yesterday was a different story as it was my mum's birthday and so my sis and I decided to go out and run a few errands before spending the evening ordering a take out curry and having a chill time with the family. 
I finally caved in and cut my hair (shoutout to my sis) and I've forgotten how amazing 5 minute hair drying is. Below is the product of having literally 5 minutes to 'wave' my hair before my sister dragged me out of the house, hence why I had to cover the top half of my head with my trusty cap. 

Photos by Elizabeth
Cap: Nike// Sunglasses: ASOS// Tee: Missguided// Skirt: Topshop// Shoes: Converse