Friday, 23 October 2015


Oh hey, it's me again. I finally have a quiet Friday in so I thought it would be nice to update you about everything and post the penultimate pictures from my summer holiday (japan was too good so i'm planning to do separate it in two posts). 
Japan has always been at the top of my bucket list and I so wish we could have stayed there just a few days longer. With only 3/4 days there, we tried to see as many sites as possible. We arrived in Japan late at night and what better way to start our adventure by eating in local japanese restaurant. The katsu curry was a solid 10/10, especially after a long delayed flight and boy, the food babies were definitely on their way. We went to the meiji shrine on the first day which was a nice way to take in the beautiful scenery and get in a bit of exercise too. The weather was extremely temperamental- one second it's chucking it down and the next second, the sun was shining. I think we were quite lucky with the weather, although we did experience one scary earthquake in the early hours on the last day there, it felt so surreal even though it lasted for a few seconds. I absolutely adore everything about Japan- the architecture is aesthetically beautiful to look at, the people are so polite, the food is out of this world and the fashion there is pretty damn amazing. I'm having 1 month post holiday blues just looking at these but I'll be back there... one day...
On another, more boring note, uni has been amazing. Not so much the fact the kitchens are horrifically dirty 90% of the time (that may be why we had a wasp infestation chillin for 2 weeks there), having to share toilets (sad times when there's no loo roll left), STILL being ill after 5 weeks and losing my phone after a night out. Thankfully find my iphone came to my rescue and the people who had it in town were utter babes and returned it to me. Funnily enough they didn't even know how they got it! Campus life has been great- seeing flatmates being pranked will always be the highlight, playing hide and seek with the resident tutor, chilling out and just enjoying life! Blogging will be slow for the next month until I break up for the christmas holidays but I've joined the photography society so maybe I'll post some snaps from there. I hope you're having a great half term you lucky things, I always forget there's such a thing now that we don't get one!

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  1. Amazing photos - I was in Japan last month and already want to go back! x