Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Wow what a year 2015 has been! It has definitely been a whirlwind of adventures to say the very least. This year started off with mock exams and all the stress that came along with uni applications/interviews. As we transitioned into summer, the dreaded exams and re-sits arrived (it was particularly daunting as I had no clue whatsoever how they went) but luckily the 17th June came along and I was free for the next 3 months. I was lucky enough to fly to Nice, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the summer, a summer that was filled with so many beautiful scenic landscapes, a copious amounts of food, lots of food babies and too many Instagram worthy pictures. It's a summer that I'll definitely never forget... Then came results day which was undoubtedly one of the scariest moments of my life but one of the best. I swear I could have cried with happiness at the thought of going to Bath and now that I'm here I couldn't be any happier. I've been extremely lucky having lost my phone three times in Bath and managed to find it every time (if I lost it in central London it would be all the way in China right now no joke). I've made such good friends with a cool bunch of people (shoutout to R2 aka the worst flat ever in history according to the cleaners) and I definitely can't wait to be reunited in a few days. Christmas this year was amazing as per usual; seeing my friends for the first time in what seemed like years was emotional but oh so good, the christmas dinner was on point and despite doing my christmas shopping last minute, it seemed to pay off thankfully. I was definitely spoiled rotten this year in terms of shoes and clothes and I can't wait to take them out for a spin. This year has flown by quicker than any other and I can't wait for 2016 to come round. Despite my lack of blogging, I'm definitely gonna try and blog when I can. Fear not, I'm never abandoning this blog ever! Hope you've all had a great christmas, here are my highlights from this year in video and photo form (warning: jpeg diarrhoea coming right up). Special shoutout to my sis Liz for taking me to all the new places I blog about and for being my photographer!  
2015 you've been good to me, bring on 2016!

Photos by me and Elizabeth


  1. Nice:) xx

  2. Such stunning images girl! Ah they're breathtaking looks like you had an incredible year I started uni too this year how great had is been! omg Results day was probably the scariest day of my life hahah i didn't sleep the night before! Hope 2016 is even more incredible for you darl and tell me about finding no time to blog ahh


  3. Aw congratulations on your fantastic year!! The pictures really prove how great it was. I've loved following your blog in 2015 (and years past) and look forward to seeing what you do in this coming year!


  4. where's my shoutout :(

  5. amazing pictures. just shows how great of a year you've had.

  6. I love your denim skirt and the photography is amazing! The ice lollies look delicious!


  7. These pictures are just amazing! Your 2015 seemed pretty good if you ask me. X