Saturday, 26 March 2016


So blogging hasn't been happening lately (I know, 3 months is terrible I'm sorry). Long story short exams were super stressful, project work was piling up and uni life was basically taking over. It's nice to be back on home grounds and getting my life together and by that I mean going to the gym (yes you heard it, the GYM) and getting my work sorted out over the Easter.
I ventured out to Oxford yesterday with my sisters for the first time yesterday which was really lovely , despite the long coach journey there and the dodgy cafe food we ate (totally should have stuck with my guns and gone to GBK). I couldn't have asked for better weather; the sun was shining and the sunglasses were out, that's a true sign summer is on it's way. We also popped over to Bicester Village, oh how I wish I had enough money to stroll around with 10 Prada bags in both hands... maybe one day... 


  1. i am so sad i didn't get to see oxford! it looks so pretty.

  2. Awesome photos, sounds like you had a nice chill day.
    Blue Jazzmin

  3. Glad you're posting! It's also been tough for me lately, so I feel you. I love that pink coat and your sunglasses!

  4. So happy to see you posting again! The photos look amazing!
    Kinga x