Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Here's a roundup of the last two days spent at home; my sister kindly treated us to a Cote breakfast which was the bomb, got to catchup with friends, went for a walk up richmond hill and got a cheeky Maccies along the way. A nice way to end my stay to say the least.
I'm back at uni now, or more so back from the gym, with what seems like a never ending to do list and early starts to the day (going to the gym as the sun is rising is surely something to be proud of). I'm currently snuggled up in bed watching Suits before my first lecture of the day, hope you've all had a great Easter, we'll catch up soon...


  1. The photos are lovely!
    And wow I wish I had your motivation go to to the gym so early in the morning.

    Belle in Black and White