Sunday, 12 June 2016


So I'm back at it again with the blog posts (daaamn Mary lol). I'm currently back in London sprawled across my bed, listening to the rain pour down and thinking how awful the weather is. It's so nice to be home but it's strange that 'lickage is spillage', 'claim' and 'down it freshaaaa' are no longer a thing here. Anyhow I thought I would reflect on things that have happened this past year because FIRST YEAR IS DONE! Now only 6 more years until I can finally call myself an architect, I can do this guys... As the for the course, I'm honestly happy to say that I've enjoyed pretty much most aspects of the course, not so much the 9:15's that occurred in first term and all the stressful coursework hand ins. I've managed to do an all nighter to finish my coursework which felt surprisingly satisfying (I did manage to avoid one for pretty much the whole year until revision week came along) and I can't wait to delve into second year with lots of new knowledge and inspiration. It's definitely weird to think that I'll be a working gal in the city by the start of next year. Definitely going to miss my home studio which is not as luxurious as you think; think prison-like cramped bedroom with a pile of materials and equipment dumped on every surface possible. Campus life is honestly the best experience I've had so far; waking up 10 minutes before a lecture is acceptable, having naps in between work was always a good idea and a cheeky 10 minute walk from our flat was a beautiful view of the city, which I can now happily say I have seen during both the sunrise and sunset. That aside, I can definitely say my proudest achievement of the year is walking up Bathwick Hill slightly drunk when there weren't any buses running through the night! 

Bath is an absolutely beautiful city, I hadn't actually managed to explore it properly until about three weeks ago when I finished my exams but it was so good to finally see all the touristy places like the Roman Baths and the Royal Crescent. I was lucky enough to see the baths for free because I'm a student at Bath so that definitely helped me out when I literally had no money. Like a true tourist we hopped onto one of the tour buses to see the beautiful city; me and my friend had the lovely experience of sitting in front of a screaming baby whilst we listened to our audio guides. 

Now that summer is here, blog posts should be slowly getting back into place but you can all follow me on instagram to see what I'm up to since I'm pretty much there 24/7. Here are some cute iphone pics I took throughout the year, because ain't nobody got time for carrying a heavy camera around.

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  1. Bath is a lovely town! I've been there several times and love it a lot!