Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Another life update for y'all because I'm just a terrible blogger; today's the first day in about three weeks that I've had time to sit down and actually go on my laptop because I've been spending my time eating cakes and brownies... I'd love to say that's a joke but it's partly true because I've been working in a cake shop in Borough Market (come say hi!) and when it's quiet the first thing that comes to mind is to sneak a piece or two of cake into my mouth. I never realised how stressful working full time is, especially when it comes to actually doing stuff outside work even if that's going to the gym or watching stuff on netflix! 

Anyhow, me and my uni flatmates went on a cheeky trip away to Croatia for a week, but beforehand my flatmates went to Prague and Budapest while I was working back here to earn the dough $$$ My flatmate came up with this terrible idea of my joining on the last day of Budapest to surprise my other friend for her birthday by popping out of her bed and that weirdly enough turned out to be an incredible idea. So that's what I did and somehow managed to get myself to the subway where my friend smuggled me into the hostel and into her bed. Thankfully it was all a success and we managed to pull it all off, phew! The next day was pretty much spent travelling; I was woken up at 5am (the time we were supposed to leave the hostel) to my face being poked to get me the hell out of bed to catch a 6am train to Zagreb. We made it with plenty of time to spare and 7 hours later we made it to the scorching hot grounds of Croatia. We then got another coach to Plitvice and spent the evening chilling with the other students in the hostel chilling and chatting about literally everything. 

The highlight of the trip hands down was the Plitvice Lakes- think clear turqoise waters x100, beautiful waterfalls and just a beautiful environment to be in. Unfortunately we were trapped with heavy rainfalls for 3 hours with nowhere to shelter so we just trekked through the parks absolutely drenched but loving it nonetheless. Thankfully the sun came out later on to dry our clothes before making our way to Split. Split is a fabulous place, beautiful beaches (we luckily found our go-to spot because there weren't many people and it just had a nice feeling ya know?), lovely people and incredible views, what more could I ask for?! Water rafting is also a must when visiting, the water was so sparkling clean you could drink it straight from the waterfall, how insane! It's also a good way to work off those calories from those huge pizzas which are literally bigger than three faces put together! It was definitely emotional coming back to rainy England but I guess it makes you appreciate the hot weather even more! Hope you enjoy these photos, until next time (whenever that may be!)

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