Saturday, 21 January 2017


It's been a while... It's safe to say I'm a terrible blogger but I'm back and here to stay. Despite being awhol on the blog, my instagram is always being updated because I'm a busy little bee and I'm always up to something. Since I last posted on the blog I've had a rollercoaster of a journey; I've had plenty of studio meltdowns and laughing fits, witnessed one too many incredible sunsets, seen my way through too many packets of crisps and received so many clothes for christmas that my wardrobe at home and uni are on the verge of breaking. Since it's 2017, I've come up with some new years resolutions cos new year new me and hopefully I'll stick to em all.

New Years Resolutions
1. Find a placement
2. Snack less, eat healthily
3. Spend free time exploring and taking pictures/sketching
4. Exercise more

Here are some pictures I've taken from my phone which is literally on it's last legs; the screen keeps popping out and I'm quite surprised it's still lasting. Definitely need to use my cameras more, I tried to take it out the other day and after taking 2 pictures the battery died yay. I'm sure some of you guys can relate.  


  1. Your photos are gorgeous! I can't believe they're taken on a phone.
    Also, I've had the battery go too quickly as well. So annoying.

    Belle in Black and White

  2. Love the photos! I'm at uni in Bath, and it's such a photogenic city!xo