Wednesday, 25 January 2017


During the new year I went to Milan with my sister for my christmas present as she's now studying there. It was time to relive the Milan memories from the summer but due to assignments and all we didn't get to do as much as hoped for. That being said, I hope to pop over when the weather gets warmer for Milan round 3. I don't think I have ever been on holiday around Christmas/ New Years so it was nice to wrap up warm in warm scarves and puffy coats instead of sweating like a little piggy. We were graced with beautiful sunshine and blue skies despite the icy cold wind- my perfect kinda weather. Got to go to my favourite place in Milan again; Duomo which was incredible as always although the fact we were constantly bombarded by pigeons didn't make it so enjoyable. We treated ourselves to some christmas market nibbles which I definitely will not purchase again because they weren't nice despite the amazing smells and incredibly aesthetic pastries looming from the stalls. I had the most incredible view of the Alps on the way home, I was that eager gal by the window seat furiously snapping away at my phone #noragrets


  1. Loving the vibes of the pictures <3

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Definitely somewhere I want to travel to

  3. This is such a beautiful post, truly. These photos are stunning, and I've got major travel envy now, pigeons and all!

    Amber -

  4. Milan looks so beautiful! And I adore the last picture of the mountains. For some reason pictures of mountains make me feel so calm :)