Sunday, 26 March 2017


It's no new news that I love to explore new places and when food is involved it's even better. I came across Crepe Affaire in Angel which I had never actually heard of despite it being a chain shop, so I decided to try it out. They do a whole variety of crepes from fruity to savoury and I decided to branch out and get an eggs benedict one which was super good. 

In other news I went to the gym for the first time in 5 weeks today and although I feel good I know my body will not thank me for it tomorrow morning. Hope you're all enjoy your evening, so glad we were blessed with beautiful blue skies and sunshine today. 


  1. This looks so yummy!

  2. These crepes look so good! I think they have one of these here in Cardiff so I'll have to check it out

  3. I'll take an order of the crepes and these amazing lights too! Nice post.

  4. Oh, crepes are SO delicious! I definitely don't enjoy them enough!