Saturday, 11 March 2017


We headed back to Taiwan in the early hours of the morning after 5 adventurous days in Japan. Thanking the lords there was a 24/7 breakfast restaurant just down the road from our airbnb because our poor stomachs were hurting from not having eaten since lunch. I've never seen my sister inhale an egg pancake roll so quick in my life. Having been here many times before, I was so determined to visit places or do things that I hadn't done before to make the trip worthwhile, as well as our usual activities such as eating our way through the samples in markets and fooling around in public places; my aunt was most certainly not impressed and pretended she didn't know of our existence.

S H I  F E N
Shi Fen had always been in my top 3 places to go to after googling 'pretty waterfalls in taiwan' many years ago. Once the weather had calmed down a bit from torrential rain and strong winds we took a bus ride into the mountains. This tourist attraction offers a lovely trail around the area and once we got to the waterfall, we were surrounded by beautiful turqoise waters and could hear the waterfall crashing down onto the rocks; definitely didn't have anything on Plitvice Lakes but still beautiful nonetheless. 

T A M  S U I
Tam Sui has always been a favourite of mine; I always remember the beautiful pink blue skies transitioning into blues and indigos and seeing the water sparkle from the reflection of the lights. This time we challenged ourselves to a 3 hour bike ride from Da Zhi to Tam Sui; not so much a challenge for us, but more so for my sister who kept slowing down the cycling squad and kept taking breaks. Definitely a great way to get a bit of exercise which was definitely needed due to the copious amounts of fried food we had consumed on our trip. We got to take in amazing sceneries along the way from temples to rice fields. It all costs around $2 to rent! 

E L E P H A N T  M O U N T A I N 
Elephant mountain was also on the top of my list having seen a couple vlogs about it and I was eager to arrive in time to watch the hazy afternoon city transform into a sparkly city full of lights. This trail has what seems like a million steps, and although it has less than Inari Shrine, the steps are very high which makes your legs get even more of a workout. There were old men in gym clothes going at super speed with their hiking sticks whilst everyone else was panting their way to the top; it was clear they did this on a daily basis. However it's all over in around 20-25 minutes until you come face to face with the 101 and all the miniscule buildings surrounding it. Let me tell you I was not equipped with the right clothing and could literally feel a pool of sweat fall down my cheeks.

 J I U  F E N
I had been to Jiu Fen once before and was looking forward to exploring new streets and admiring the blue skies... Unfortunately that was not the case as the rain was chucking it down and was so bad that we were only able to go through the main street full of restaurants and souvenir shops, with the smell of stinky tofu lingering from shop to shop. It was definitely a struggle trying not to get splashed in the face from other people shaking their umbrellas here and there. I returned back to the flat with endless shivers, soggy jeans stuck to my skin and trainers that were drenched to the brim.

I hope you've enjoyed this travel series, I've had so much fun writing and editing these travel posts despite re-editing all the pictures like a million times. I've just about managed to get back into the swing of things with the blogging world. Stay tuned!


  1. Wow your photography is stunning! Love the post :)



  2. Thank you for the pictures! They are so soothing for the soul, keep taking more. Also I hope you have a great time in Taiwan! Kisses & hugs. <3

  3. you take so beautiful photos!! <3

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  5. Wow you got some beautiful photos! I absolutely love the shots of the natural scenery and those mountain villages. I only ever think of the city when I think of Taiwan so you've shown me a different side of it!

  6. These photos are so so stunning, love the mix of nature and city. Looks like you had a lovely and adventurous trip! Also, yes to the layout of the post, so stylish! Have a lovely week! Xx

  7. You take gorgeous photos lovely, and Elephant Mountain looks like a really cool place! xx
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    Marina Rosie xx

  8. Wow, I love the way you take pictures. So beautiful. After reading this post, definitely adding Taiwan to my wanderlust list! xx

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