Saturday, 4 March 2017


Currently sat at the airport awaiting my 14 hour flight back to London, dreading the thought of numb butts and achy necks. If you haven't seen my instagram I went on holiday for 2 weeks in Japan and Taiwan. Looking back at my pictures is making me miss Family Mart pit stops and having lots of banter with the family. This holiday is the first time I've picked up my Nikon camera in over a year so it was nice to play around with my photography. 

I N A R I  S H R I N E
First stop was Inari Shrine, a tourist attraction that I had been eager to visit since we decided we were going to Japan. There are many of these Shrines placed around Japan but we ventured to the one in Kyoto. I didn't really know what to expect from this, perhaps just a small trail of some sort with a couple souvenir shops however the stairs kept ascending towards the top of the mountain. It was much quieter towards the end which was great for photo opportunities; it probably because most people gave up half way to admire the view and grab an ice cream. Roughly 12000 steps later we arrived at the peak, the sun was shining and despite having a waterfall streaming down my face from all the sweat we made it in one piece, hurray! 


  1. Great pics! Can't wait visiting Japan soon :))

  2. Love your photos! This series makes me miss Japan :)

  3. I followed your blog upon finding it and your pictures are so beautiful, you have a very good eye for photos :) xx