Sunday, 21 May 2017



Last week my family and I ventured off to Milan to celebrate Alex's birthday as well as to see Liz and boy it felt good for all of us to be reunited again after half a year. We trekked to Como, a place which I absolutely adore (see post here) and it was lovely to take my family around to see what it had to offer. We were so lucky to be greeted with beautiful blue skies and sparkling waters. It had been pouring down with rain the night before, think grey gloomy April showers, and frankly I had no hope for the miserable weather. 

We also took a 2 hour boat ride to Bellagio and despite only being able to explore the village for a couple hours, it was definitely one of my favourite destinations. The boat ride has the most beautiful views like it almost seems unreal how magical the mountains and the cheeky Alps in the distance look against the calm waters. I definitely took advantage of these views and continuously snapped away like the rest of the tourists on the boat did.

I uploaded a vlog onto my youtube channel HERE so check it out if you want to see what we got up to! 


  1. Nice photos but the last is a little too magenta.