Saturday, 12 August 2017


Oh hey, it's me again! I've finally found some time to relax and update this abandoned blog which is hard when you're trying to balance work/gym/socialising/everything else in between but it feels good to be (temporarily) back! I'm currently working at an architecture firm which I am loving at the moment and am planning to go back next year which means the job applications can be put on hold until I graduate! What's even better is that the gym is right round the corner so it's tricky to make any excuses not to go. I have lots of nice trips coming up; Barcelona and Berlin, meaning that posts may be slow but I'm hoping it will all be worth it! 

Anyhow, ventured back to one of my favourite places for my mama's birthday and I just about fell in love with Nice all over again. Leaving the gloomy grey skies in London for stunning clear blue waters, plenty of sunshine and gelato was just what I needed. 

Despite some complications with our airbnb (the lady gave us the wrong directions to the apartment and as we landed very late at night, we were hopelessly walking around Nice trying to figure out where the apartment was as she wasn't picking up our calls) we stayed in a cute little flat just a couple minutes walk from the beach and good walking distance to pretty much everything meaning that we didn't need to catch any forms of transport, except for our day trip to Monaco and Eze.  I have also created a short travel diary which is up on youtube HERE.

What to do in Nice

Castle Hill offers the best views of Nice (think of those typical postcard pictures) and is a great spot to relax or even nap under the shaded trees. Luckily there's a lift to go to the top but we decided to walk up to get those extra views and snaps in of the cute little alleyways. 

We spent a couple hours on the beach and it was definitely enough as I was already turning into a squashie. Sadly we didn't have enough time to go to the sandy beach in Ville France sur Mer which would have definitely been nicer as we were waddling all over the place which was 1/10 attractive. My favourite part of the day which everyone knows by now, was going to the beach in the evening to watch the sun set and seeing the evening lights sparkle against the candy floss coloured skies. 

We went here a couple times since it was so close to our apartment and treated ourselves to some overpriced Haagdendasz and fresh smoothies. Always a great place to go to for some nice vibes and photo opportunities!

Next stop: Eze