Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Sundays are my 'hibernate at home days' as the dreaded Monday creeps around the corner which only means another long boring week at work. However, it's my last week working here before I head to Barcelona to enjoy the last remaining rays of sunshine that I will experience seeing as summer ended long ago in London... I was dragged out of the house by my sisters to buy some cupcakes from Peggy Porschen followed by a hearty home cooked katsu curry made by my sister which I couldn't really say no to. Peggy Porchen is a wonderful little cafe near Victoria Station with the most beautiful interior/exterior and cupcakes. Despite their jaw dropping prices (let's just say 4 cupcakes is the equivalent to my weekly uni grocery shop) I still recommend having a visit, even if it's just for an insta pic! New layout and graphics c/o my sister (oh the perks of having siblings)! 

Photography and layout: Elizabeth


  1. This looks like a gorgeous way to spend a Sunday. That cafe is so aesthetically pleasing, and the new layout is lovely!

  2. I really love the style of the pictures, they're so creative. I've heard so much of Peggy Porchsen on blogs and also on Instagram, I must definitely visit when next I'm in London. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  3. Such gorgeous pictures, I still haven't been to Peggy Porschen, I'm so desperate to go! x